Chevy Blazers Brighten the K/5 Lineup

Chevy Blazers Brighten the K/5 Lineup

Introduced in 1969, the Chevy K/5 Blazer was designed to rival the Ford Bronco, International Harvester Scout, and Jeep Cherokee in the emerging SUV market. With its full-size pickup truck frame, the K5 Blazer was larger than its competition, providing more interior space that could be configured to hold one, two, or five passengers.

If you're a fan of classic Chevy and GMC trucks, then you know that the Chevy Blazer is a timeless masterpiece . But if you're new to the world of classic trucks, then you might be wondering what sets the Chevy K/5 Blazer apart from other classic trucks of its time. Well, let's start with the fact that the Blazer was built on the same frame as Chevy's full-size pickup truck, which made it larger and more versatile than with the Bronco, Jeepster, or Scout. The Blazer's interior could be configured to hold one, two, or five passengers, and the fiberglass top could be removed to give you an open-air experience.

The Blazer's engine choices were diverse, and customers had the option of a three- or four-speed manual transmission, as well as a three-speed automatic transmission. The following year, in 1970, two-wheel drive versions were added, along with a 4.8-liter inline six-cylinder engine option. As you can see, the Blazer offered plenty of options, making it one of the most customizable vehicles of its time.

In 1971, the Chevy K5 Blazer underwent a minor facelift, with a new grille and lights. The Blazer's first generation production run was fairly brief, coming to a close in 1972, but it left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. The Chevy K5 Blazer was one of the first SUVs, and it set the standard for versatility, durability, and performance.

If you're in the market for a classic truck, don't overlook the Chevy K5 Blazer. It's a timeless classic that has stood the test of time, and it's still a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts today. CPI Truck has all of your Blazer parts needs, including the 1969-1972 1st Generation Blazer.  Check out to shop for what you need! 

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