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1955-1959 Chevrolet Truck Dakota Digital VFD Instrument System

1955-1959 Chevrolet Truck Dakota Digital VFD Instrument System


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Dakota Digital Series III instrument systems offer the latest technologies and features for your custom vehicle. High brightness vacuum fluorescent displays provide a lifetime of trouble free use while offering increased accuracy and features!

Full 6 Gauge Instrument System fits into OEM bezel for 1955- 59 Chevy Pickup.

Fits directly into existing bezel(not included).


VFD3-55C-PU Side View


VFD3-55C-PU Side View



Digital Gauges

Speedometer 0 -255 MPH (optional metric version 0- 255 km/h)

Tachometer 0- 17,500 RPM

Oil Pressure 0- 99 psi

Water Temperature 0- 300ºF (optional metric version 0- 150ºC)

Fuel Level 0- 99%

Voltmeter 8- 17 VDC

Standard Colors Blue or Teal

Digital Message Centers

Standard Displays
Odometer (One time user settable, Million Mile)
Dual (A/B) Trip Meter (0- 9,999.9)

Performance Meters
0- 60 MPH Timer (0- 100 kmh)
1/4 mile time
1/4 mile end speed (trap speed)
High speed recall
High RPM recall

Speedometer (0- 255 MPH/kmh) opposite scale of main speedometer.

Built-in Indicators

Turn Signals (Left/ Right)
High Beam
Check Engine
Parking Brake
Cruise Control (On/ On & Engaged when vehicle is equipped)
Gear Position (Optional GSS-2000 sensor required)
4 x 4 (When vehicle is equipped)
Wait to Start (When vehicle is equipped)
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